How can I make, view or modify my reservation?

Complete the reservation form to get your quote, then follow the on screen instructions to complete your reservation or call us at (202)330-1463, or for fastest service, text us at (571)499-7774 or (571)458-8651. You will receive confirmation by email.  For best service text us your changes and modifications. SES Limo Service LLC reservation agents are available to help 24/7 by phone (202)330-1463or text us (571)499-7774 or (571)458-8651.   After any modifications or cancellations, SES Limo Service LLC sends a confirmation to the e-mail for that reservation.

 How far in advance do I need to book a reservation?

To ensure availability of a vehicle when you need it, book your reservation as soon as possible.  Your credit card WILL NOT is charged until the day of service. SES Limo Service LLC strives to accommodate same day and last-minute reservations based on availability.

Does SES Limo Service LLC support corporate transportation or large group events?

Absolutely. SES Limo Service LLC provides luxury, chauffeured transportation services for the traveling CEOs and executives in today’s business world. From board meetings and road shows to major events and trade shows, SES Limo Service LLC offers corporate account packages and billing solutions tailored to fit the needs of your business. Highly experienced Meetings & Events team specialized in coordinating executive and luxury transportation for groups of any size. Account administrators can easily create, update and cancel reservations through our online reservations system. To set up a corporate account for corporate discounts and direct billing, contact us by phone or email.  Sales, Meetings & Events: (202)330-1463, 1981usmanr@gmail.com

How is the final total of my reservation calculated? 

Below are types of charges that may represent your final trip total when purchasing. SES Limo Service LLC.

Base Rate:  This charge represents the cost of the purchased vehicle at the hourly minimum of your reservation. Hourly minimums may vary, depending upon the type of reservation. For example, flat-rate reservations have a set hourly minimum, versus an “As Directed” or hourly reservations. See Hourly Minimum for more information.

Administration Fee:  This charge refers to a very small fraction of varying operational costs of handling and monitoring the reservation, imposed by municipal, County, state and federal governments, agencies and commissions, including airport, regulatory, safety assurance, licensing and other fees. This fee is subject to change without notice.

STC:  The Surface Transportation Charge covers business, license, and road taxes.

Gratuity: SES Limo Service LLC chauffeurs count on a fair gratuity for services rendered. Much like a waitress/waiter, chauffeurs depend on gratuities for their earnings.  If you ever feel that this is not warranted for a particular chauffeur or trip, please notify us immediately for consideration of an adjustment.

Airport Fee:  This charge represents airport fees assessed by the Washington Metropolitan Airport Authority for all airport arrival & departure reservations. Client requesting inside pickups from the airport there would be an additional charge for parking and meet & greet.

Early Morning / Late Night Surcharge:  For reservations scheduled between the hours of 12 a.m. – 5 a.m., a surcharge will be applied to the base rate of the reservation.

Extra Stop Fee:  For any stop requested of the chauffeur during the reservation that is not included on your reservation confirmation, an extra stop charge will be incurred. Flat-rate reservations can add up to three additional stops before being converted to an hourly reservation.

Fuel Surcharge:  The fuel surcharge is based on the average cost of fuel at the time of the reservation, as reported weekly by the Energy Information Administration, a statistical agency of the U.S. Department of Energy. This charge will therefore increase or decrease with fuel price levels.

Hourly Minimum:  Also known as “garage-to-garage" time or “portal time,” this standard charge reflects the minimum hourly rate of any vehicle. For flat-rate transfers, the flat charge covers from the time the passenger is picked-up to the time the passenger is dropped off. "As-directed" reservations are billed at an hourly rate with a minimum charge such as a 2 hour minimum, from then the reservation is billed hourly.

Late cancellation:  When customers are unable to provide adequate notice of canceling a reservation (normally at least 2 hours in advance), they will be charged the full trip fare including a 20% gratuity charge. SES Limo Service LLC must have two hours’ notice from the pickup time on the reservation.

No-show:  This charge is incurred when the passenger cannot be located, or contacted, by the chauffeur or SES Limo Service LLC (1) one hour grace time for airport pickups (time begins when passenger’s plane lands) or (2) 30 minutes for non-airport pickups. A no-show charge includes the full trip fare. Customers having trouble locating their chauffeur can avoid incurring this charge by not leaving the requested pickup location without first contacting us at (202)330-1463 or text us (571)499-7774 or (571)458-8651.

County Taxes:  Taxes are subject to change without notification, as SES Limo Service LLC has no control over if or when a tax increase may be imposed by various governmental agencies. Taxes are charged as incurred.

Tolls:  This charge represents tolls that may be incurred by SES Limo Service LLC during the travel time, as well as for tolls during the chauffeur’s return trip. The decision for using toll roads is based upon the most expeditious route. Please notify your chauffeur prior to departure if you prefer a non-toll route.

Waiting time:  Delays are inevitable, which can sometimes keep customers from meeting their chauffeurs. For each reservation, we provide a window of time for customers to greet their chauffeurs at the requested pick-up time and location before incurring charges. Examples: Airport pickups: SES Limo Service LLC monitors all commercial airline information provided by the customer to ensure on-time airport pickups. We allow a 30-minute grace period is allowed on all domestic arrivals and a 60-minute grace period on all international arrivals. Waiting time charges will apply after the grace period and are accrued in quarter-hour increments, based on the vehicle’s hourly rate. Non-airport pickups: We allow a 15-minute grace period for all pickup locations other than airports. Waiting time charges will apply after the grace period and are accrued in quarter-hour increments, based on the vehicle’s hourly rate.

  • Reservation Confirmation After purchasing services from SES Limo Service LLC, you will receive a reservation confirmation by e-mail. The charges contained in your confirmation are calculated based on the information provided to us at the time of the reservation, and are intended to serve as a good faith estimate only. The final trip total will be calculated based on duration of travel time, tolls, parking, taxes and additional charges, where applicable as listed above.

Final total:  The final trip total is calculated after the vehicle returns to our facilities and will be reflected on your provided payment information within 12 to 24 business hours after the completion of the trip. If you do not receive a final receipt, please contact our Accounting department at (202)330-1463. SES Limo Service LLC is not responsible for any services fees or charges you may incur when authorizing the provided payment information